Irish dance for children

Enjoy traditional solo and social dances to lively Irish jigs, reels, and hornpipes. This unique, non-competitive Irish dance program nurtures joyful, expressive dancing. It challenges students to increase their strength and coordination, supported in a fun community of dancers. More information, schedule, and registration:


Our beginner flamenco classes are created for anyone (with or without flamenco experience) looking for new opportunities to enjoy life dancing flamenco. You will learn the fundamentals of flamenco in a friendly and supportive environment while connecting with your body and soul. You will become a member of a wonderful community that will support you…

Ballet Technique Int/Adv with Marcus Schulkind

Saturdays until  January 26th 11:00am- 1:00pm Sundays until  January 27th 11:00am- 1:00pm First hour: traditional ballet barre stressing placement, line, musicality, and groundedness. Second hour: adagio, turning phases, petite allegro, and grand allegro. Live musical accompaniment. More Information:

Youth Breakdancing Ages 7-10 with Sean McDonnell

Breaking should feel fun, like a playground; and educational, empowering, eye-opening, entertaining, enthusiastic, and over-all, fulfilling the hearts and minds of the dancer and their peers. Dec 16: Video Recital; Parent/Guardian required to attend All levels of experience welcomed. Limited class sizes promote quality instruction. More Information: ;

Modern Connections

Class is a Horton based modern taught at a pace designed for the students in the room. Class begins with sequential and consistent warm-up,continues with center phrases that are designed to promote competence and growth of proper technique. Students are encouraged through proper corrections focused on alignment and detailed explanations of the initiation of movements….

Boston Ballet School’s Adaptive Dance Program

Adaptive Dance classes are designed for individuals with disabilities ages 2–adult and are available at all three of our convenient studio locations in Boston, Newton, and the North Shore. Taught by expert faculty, supported by licensed physical therapists and professional musicians, students can engage and explore in a supported studio environment as they develop movement,…

Monday Night West African Dance Class

West Africa offers a rich cultural heritage in the arts that has long been a traditional source of self integration, community cohesion and spiritual communion. Come learn traditional dances, songs and rhythms from Senegal and Guinea, West Africa and at the same time explore the functions of these dances in relationship to your own life….