Urbanity Dance Auditions — Professional and Second Companies

Urbanity Dance is hosting auditions for our 2016-2017 professional and second companies. Season stipend for both companies ranges from $1,500 – $7,000.

The audition works as a class, including ballet tendus, pirouettes, a modern release combo, leaps across the floor, improvisation exercises and a final combination. The combo will highlight Urbanity’s style, weaving fluid release “gooey” technique with the ability to fiercely hit notes of choreography with specificity and attack. We’re looking for wow-factor appeal and open-minded willingness to create.

Those who are asked to attend callbacks the following day may be asked to learn additional phrase work, and/or perform a 1-2 minute solo. Please bring music and prepare ahead of time.

Email photo and bio or resume ahead of time to Alex at alex@urbanitydance.org.