BLIND, Argentine Tango show

Presented by Pedro Giraudo Quortet and Tango for All Dance Company
Ultimate Tango 5 High Street, #2 , Medford

‘Blind’ is bold. ‘Blind’ is daring. “Blind” forges ahead with a fresh new vision for tango performance in the 21st Century. Unlike more traditional productions, ‘Blind’ is not a show ABOUT tango, but rather a conceptual view of human interaction told THROUGH the tango, the techniques and emotions of this highly expressive dance.

Created by dancers Diego Blanco & Ana Padron from NYC based company ‘Tango for All’ and their musical collaborator, bassist and composer Pedro Giraudo, ‘Blind’ offers a bold and exhilarating examination of life and connection through the art of dance.

This performance takes place in an unusual milonga-like setting with 3 course dinner (meat, fish and vegetarian menu available) and the possibility of meeting the musicians (Pedro Giraudo Quortet) and dancers (Tango for All) after the show.


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