Dancing with People (and your Cosmic brain)

Green Street Studios 185 Green Street , Cambridge
Drop-in $15. BDA $12. GSS 10 class card $100
Contemporary dance class with Paul Laurey at Green Street Studios
Dancing, dancing, dancing. So many kinds of dancing. Always you dancing. In this class, we will begin with centering practices that activate core sources, kinetic imagination, and curiosity for clarity in movement. Dancing with partners offers infinitely adaptive potential for content and form. We will occupy and enliven various superpositions along the improvisation and choreography spectrum. Structures, scores, and inquiry are informed by the artist’s sense and cognitive neuroscience’s view of the physiology of sensing, feeling, and action as we creative and evolve our dancing consciousness. Class is oriented for experienced dancers, all curious dancers welcome. Awareness, skill, strength, nuance, energy, and connection promised.
Paul has studied, performed, and taught dance, somatics, healing practices, cognitive neuroscience, digital arts, and Zen. He’s performed dances in Oregon, Seattle, Boston, California, New York City, Thailand, Mexico, and Bali. A variety of movement forms are incorporated through the discipled creation of live dance making. Paul earned a PhD in psychology and cognitive neuroscience from the University of Oregon in 2003 and a MFA in dance theatre from University of California, San Diego in 2014.