The Deep Dance Series Presents: Alexandra James

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge
From $18 Drop Ins to a Full Pass (full Deep Dance Series Session 2)

We’ll use the notion of deconstructing ourselves to navigate class. What happens when we take something apart to better understand how it works? We expose our habits, open wounds, old concepts of thought, celebrations and anxieties. We’ll start by dropping into ourselves through a mindfulness practice in effort to gain an understanding of where we currently reside.
Our aim will not be to demolish, but carefully dissect, our thoughts and understandings of ourselves in relation to all the other things around us. What is superficial and broad to begin, will become specific, tiny pieces to examine as an exploded collage. We’ll gaze, try not to judge it, explode it a little more, compartmentalize and reassemble it all with new architecture.

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