Festival of Us, You, We and Them

The Dance Complex 536 Mass Ave , Cambridge

The Dance Complex is celebrating “25 and Dancing On” with a three-day festival, a time for art to be seen, explored and experienced by all.

The Dance Complex takes to the sidewalk and opens its doors to welcome the greater community through exciting programming all weekend long. A combination open house, teaching artist/student concert, arts gallery and celebration, this festival emphasizes the inclusive, humanizing nature of dance and the arts.This year we are looking for more connections, more genres, more intersections, and to dive more deeply into how you connect with dance. How do you join the dance? How does your work connect to dance?

For the third year, the Dance Complex is throwing open its historic doors and taking to the street for a weekend-long celebration of the arts and movement. With pop-up performances and classes, traveling dance concert, hung artwork and “spontaneous actions of creation,” organizers hope to emphasize the inclusive and humanizing nature of the arts. Many events are free and ALL are open to the public for their enjoyment.

Experience the magic that happens here everyday alongside the special programming of this exciting weekend

And don’t miss the 25 minute Flash Mob on Friday at 8:15 p.m. featuring nearly 100 dancers!