black odyssey boston

Presented by Produced by The Front Porch Arts Collective & Underground Railway Theater
Central Square Theater 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge
May 15 — 7:30 pmMay 16 — 7:30 pmMay 17 — 8:00 pmMay 18 — 3:00 pmMay 18 — 8:00 pmMay 19 — 2:00 pm

black odyssey melds together Greek mythology, African-American oral history, dance, and music in this visionary new take on Homer’s classic tale.

Ulysses Lincoln, a Gulf War veteran lost at sea and presumed dead, fights to find his way back home to his wife and son. The meddlesome Gods, Great Grand Daddy Deus and Great Grand Paw Sidin have other plans in mind as they battle for control of Ulysses’ fate.

A co-production by The Front Porch Arts Collective & Underground Railway Theater. Choreography by Melissa Alexis