Boston Butoh Festival presents Rosemary Candelario, Alissa Cardone, and Julie Becton Gillum

Boston Center for the Arts Plaza Theatre 539 Tremont Street, Boston
April 23 — 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Rosemary Candelario performs “aqueous” which grapples with the extremes of water in the state of Texas, which eons ago was covered by ocean, and now includes large swaths of desert. Drawing on butoh’s ability to morph from one state to another, the dance embodies these contradictory aspects of water. Music by Sarah Ruth uses voice, electronic sounds, and acoustic instruments like the hammer dulcimer to project sonic extremes. The costume, constructed from water bottles and shower curtains, like the dancing body and music, transforms over the course of the piece, from a boat, to a mermaid’s jewels, to a fishing net, to a wall of rain. Julie Becton Gillum (Asheville, NC) performs her piece “Butap . . . for my son John,” which explores both light and darkness found in maternal love. Alissa Cardone (Boston, MA), offers a solo dance performance to a text by Sawako Nakayasu from her forthcoming book of poetry, “Settle Her.”