Ballroom and Contemporary Dance Instructor

DB Studios, located in Lexington Massachusetts is a privately owned full service dance studio that provides exceptional quality in dance and a significant opportunity to advance your career. Along with teaching adult ballroom and children ballet, jazz and modern dance, Db Studios offers you an opportunity in learning the inner workings of a small business, providing you with the skills to make your own path for your future.
If you have a strong background in dance, enjoy interacting with people, and a desire to work hard and grow, then db Studios is the place for you.

– The full-time position will work a 40 hour work week
– Build dance plans with students
– Follow the specified syllabus
– Coordinate schedule and follow-up with students and parents of students
– 2+ years exp as a ballroom dance instructor OR formal dance degree
– Sales experience in upselling of dance services
– Interest in driving marketing via social media and local advertising