Dance Teacher at Brookline High School

Brookline High School is seeking a highly energetic, dynamic and enthusiastic Dance Teacher to begin in the fall of the 2019-2020 school year. Pending final sectioning this spring, this position will range between a 0.5FTE (half-time) and 1.0FTE (full-time) position, but looking closer to full time.

Brookline High has a dynamic Dance Department (part of our Performing Arts Department, which consists of Dance, Music and Drama), with beginning through advanced level classes and a mixed-level African, Latin, Hip Hop dance class. Our beginning through advanced level classes focus on Contemporary Modern dance, incorporating introductory units on ballet, modern, jazz, African, tap and other styles as well as choreography. Students are grouped in our Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level classes based on their experience level, and our classes have a mix of students from grades 9 through 12 together.