Lyric Stage Studio

Boston Dance Alliance’s announcement of our special partnership with the Lyric Stage to offer rehearsal studio rentals to choreographers at below-market rates generated great excitement. Now, in addition to evenings and weekends, daytime rehearsal space is now available during designated periods. 

Through the generous support of The Boston Foundation, BDA Individual and Organizational members can rent the Lyric Stage’s Clarendon Hall during the periods when the Lyric is not using the studio for its own purposes.

Located on the fourth floor of the theatre’s Back Bay home at 140 Clarendon Street with easy access to public transportation, this soundproofed, 37’x27′ space has a state of the art sprung wood floor suitable for all genres of dance.


Facade of 140 Clarendon, home of The Lyric Stage and its newly designed studio suitable for dance, Clarendon Hall.


Lyric Stage Studio may be rented by choreographers who are rehearsing solos, duets and ensembles of up to 15 people over extended periods of time. Clarendon Hall may not be used for classes or public events. Rental fees decrease according to length of commitment.

Rates are as follows

  • By hour $15/hour (minimum four hours)
  • 1 month $12/hour  (minimum 48 hours)
  • 3 months $10/hour (minimum 144 hours)
  • 6 months $8/hour    (minimum 288 hours)

These times may not be consecutive, as more than one group uses the space, and the Lyric Stage has some periods blocked out for their own rehearsals. However, this is an unique opportunity to arrange rehearsal space for extended periods.

Contact Lauren Corcuera, to determine availability



The partnership between the Lyric Stage and Boston Dance Alliance was a direct response to the Boston Creates Cultural Plan establishing an interdisciplinary partnership and leveraging a valuable resource that helps artists develop their work.


The Boston Creates Cultural Plan highlighted the need to find innovative approaches to solve some of the challenges in the arts and culture sector, including a lack of rehearsal and performance space.  The partnership between the Boston Dance Alliance and the Lyric Stage is a perfect example of how this can work,  mobilizing partnerships outside of City Hall to maximize available resources for Boston’s artists.  It’s these types of partnerships and collaborations that will help us achieve the goals of the plan, helping Boston realize its full creative potential.  – Julie Burros, former Chief of Arts and Culture, City of Boston

blueiconYes! Lyric Stage Studio (and bathroom) is accessible for dancers of all abilities.