Learn Afro Puertorican Bomba Music & Dance – 4 Saturdays in April!

Roxbury Center for the Performing Arts 1029-1033 Blue Hill Avenue , Dorchester
Eli Pabon
Afro Puertorican Bomba Music and Dance
Who is this class for?
Young Kids and Youth, Adults
Suggested Attire
comfortable clothes to move in (dancing will be barefoot)

These workshops are for anyone, any age, looking to learn Afro Puertorican Bomba songs, play instruments and/or dance.

Every Saturday in April! (It’s ok if you can’t attend all sessions)

4:15pm – 5:15pm: Music- Learn Bomba songs and instrumentation
5:15pm-6:15pm: Movement – Learn Bomba basic steps and piquetes (those who participated in the music class are encouraged to play during the dance class if not dancing)

Bomba is an Afro-Puertorican music and dance form created for celebration, identity, survival, ritual, resistance and healing that stems back to the beginning of the colonization of Puerto Rico (Boriken). Evolving through centuries, it was originally created by the merging of Taino/Arawak Native peoples of the island, enslaved Africans brought to the island, and the Spanish that sailed there during the 16th and 17th Century.