The 2022 BDA Open Call Audition was a

Joyful Day of Community Building



Image: Honeycomb collage of 2022 Open Call. From left to right:  ballet dancer with arms in low first-position, cupped at her waist; dancer crouching and lunging in an improvisational move; master teacher Brian McGinnis demonstrating a contemporary move with his fists punching out in front of him; a dancer on the floor stretching by bending in half and holding her toes; a dancer being gently corrected by master teacher Martha Tornay; a dancer reaching forward and down toward his feet.

Photography by Olivia Moon #halfasianlens


What would you keep from this year’s event?

“The kindness of the BDA teams and the master class teachers.

I loved the environment and the structure of the class and it was so kind to even give time for the dancers to refuel and hydrate.

This was an amazing experience. I had the best day!”

                                                                                                                                    –Avery Gingrich



This year’s classes included a first-ever All Abilities ballet class “Ballet Embodiment” team taught by Melissa Sallee and Martha Tornay, contemporary dance taught by Brian McGinnis; commercial/musical theatre taught by Ruka White; and freestyle hip hop foundations taught by Alex Ambilia.

Images: Teacher headshots


Image: Mass Motion Dance logo

We thank Mass Motion Boston for their partnership and generous hosting of these events!