all by myself: Ruckus Dance presents an evening of quiet dances

Presented by Ruckus Dance
Arts at the Armory 191 Highland Ave. , Somerville
$10 - $30

Cambridge-based company Ruckus Dance will present ALL BY MYSELF, an evening of dances performed in silence that aims to shift how we consume dance. The evening will consist of an eight-person reconstruction of the 2016 work “choreography makes me mental: anybody”, which is a meditation on space, familiarity, and acclimation for both viewer and performer; two duets about potentiality and changes over time in relationships, featuring couples Em Papineau & Sofia Engleman and Joy Davis & Eric Mullis; and a solo by Michael Figueroa that investigates what it takes to keep yourself going. Each dance explores solitude and companionship, by ourselves and in relation to others. Ultimately, the evening insists on presence, the necessity of making choices, and constant curiosity.

Audience members are encouraged to bring headphones or earplugs to curate their experience. Audio suggestions for each piece will be included in the program, but ultimately it is up to the viewer to decide.

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