Benita Bike’s DanceArt in Concert

Presented by The Dance Complex
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139 , Cambridge

Benita Bike’s DanceArt, a Los Angeles chamber modern dance company, returns to its roots with two Boston area performances at The Dance Complex in Cambridge. This program will feature the East Coast premiere of the “ME Dances” and 4 other works. “Griot Songs” references 3 stages of womanhood: child into woman, young womanhood, and maturity. “Benches” takes you into a park for a day to people watch and imagine the lives of the those you see. “Plugged” explores our relationships to the machines that occupy our world and how these machines affect our sensitivity to nature, quiet, and the earth. “Schoenfield Dances” features a rag, fughetta, shuffle, and boogie and melds 20th century popular dance styles with a classical movement sensibility.

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