Rosehips Fusion with Caroline Hekate

The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave , Cambridge

π‘…π‘œπ‘ π‘’π’‰π‘–π‘π‘  πΉπ‘’π‘ π‘–π‘œπ‘› is a graceful dance of undulating movements inspired by Bellydance styles and the petalous philosophies of a rose. The blossoming of self in unified fields β€”an unfolding of the creative body led by intuitive, experimental, and classical dance techniquesβ€” visionary teachings merging art and culture for flower season.

“He who wants a rose must respect the thorn.” -Persian proverb

This July 22nd, Saturday 3:00-4:30pm
Sliding scale $22-$44

The Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Let me guide you on a dance journey of Roses!!!

Ancient to modern dance, Oriental to Western culture contribute to the undulating movement and graceful hip theory for the metamorphosis of this artistry.

We gather and bloom in unison!
Every spring and summer!

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