The Crabtree Carabetta Collective

Presented by Brian Crabtree and Audra Carabetta
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Avenue , Cambridge, MA 02139
Tickets: $25 general admission & $20 for Students, BDA & Seniors

The Crabtree Carabetta Collective
A Performance & Fundraiser by Brian Crabtree and Audra Carabetta

8(ATE) is a new dance from choreographer Brian Crabtree. Using words that have more than one pronunciation and can turn from a noun to a verb with simple inflection, a basic material that involves both gestures that say specific things and others that are more ambiguous is laid out and then taken in several new directions with trios and quintets danced to piano pieces of Brahms.

Audra Carabetta will be showing old and new works. Impermanent is a duet that plays with repetition, gesture, and an intimate relationship between two dancers. Dancers gesture in and out of each others movement phrases creating a recognizable pattern that shifts only slightly from one phrase to the next. In her newer work, Blank Canvas, four dancers continuously slide, sway, tangle, set and reset.

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