Presented by Dance Friday
St. John’s Episcopal Church - multi-purpose room entrance is on the back side of the building with the sidewalk on Lombard Rd. 74 Pleasant Street , Arlington
Suggested Donation: $10-15; $5-10 after 10, Young Adults/Teens 13-23 $5-15, or donate 45 minutes of your time to help out

8:pm-8:45—Tuning Moving Meditations led by Helena Froehlich musical accompaniment by Stan Strickland
8:45-9:45—Live music by Stan Strickland
9:45-11:00—DJ’d Music by Rose Ward
Come and Dance, Tuning to the music of your heart!
In a perpetual dance, your energy flows within and around your body responding to your moves, emotions and thoughts. Choose what you are Tuning in, and develop your well-being. Starting with a Tai Chi style warm-up including acupressure points, you will be invited to practice positive affirmations with gentle moving meditation. Tuning more of who you are, dance fully present in your body!
Dance Friday is an event where people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities can express themselves through movement to music. We offer an atmosphere of acceptance, friendship, and trust.. Dance Friday is a community drawn together by a shared delight in dance and the recognition and respect for the value of life.

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