DELving Mini-Workshop: Gauthier Dance

Perles Family Studio 358 George Carter Rd, Becket MA 01223 , Becket

This interactive movement-based workshop focuses on the work of Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart which is a dynamic company of 16 highly individual, versatile artists, directed by the dancer, choreographer, and musician Eric Gauthier. Plus! Workshop participants receive a 20% discount to same-day performances of Gauthier Dance in the Ted Shawn Theatre.

Led by Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) Facilitators Ann Biddle and Felice Santorelli, participants will:
Explore the work and artistic contributions of Eric Gauthier
Engage in collaborative dance making and embodied research
Participate in a movement experience presented by Eric Gauthier

DELving Mini-Workshops focus on exploring a choreographer’s voice through the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) model. DEL facilitators guide participants through an exploration and investigation of a choreographer’s work through multiple entry points in order to design accessible lessons and activities for all dance learners. Lear

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