Expanding Community

Presented by Tess Saoirse Dance Company
MassMotion Dance 100 Holton Street , Boston

Expanding Community is a collaborative show, which started at mignolo arts center in Metuchen, NJ, of 10 artists spanning the east coast from as south as Virginia and as north as New Hampshire. Geared at creating partnerships between different choreographers to expand their artistic community, Expanding Community seeks to grow how many artistic partnerships and connections we each have. The show is under the direction of Tess Saoirse Liddy, a Boston-based dancer and choreographer who discovered her choreographic voice in New Jersey at Drew University and therefore seeks to bring the two communities closer together. The featured artists at show one, on July 15, 2023, were Emily Rosales, Jeanann Dorobis, Gauri Bhatkhande, Gwen McGovern, Kaylee Mahan, Mikala Nims, Molly Huey, Natalie Frances Long, Seychelle Kulik, and Tess Saoirse Liddy. This upcoming show is the second rendition, and first Boston-located, of Expanding Community featuring a mix of returning and first time artists.

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