Dancer in a dark space brings arms across body in a self-embrace while extending one leg out to the side.

G is for Grant Still and Grieg

Presented by The Dance Complex
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge

Music inherently requires movement. Whether it is a singer’s breath, a pianist’s fingers, or a violinist’s bow, there is always a physical action needed to create the sound. In many languages, the words for music and dance are one and the same. Why then has the concert hall become a place of stoicism and stillness? What are the advantages and limits of this ritual?

Experts in movement and dance perform alongside Analog By Choice musicians in this program celebrating the physicality of music. Pushing the limits of concert hall etiquette, dancers translate featured pieces into physical art and maybe even help the audience do the same.

This event is a part of The Dance Complex’s DIY Performance Series. Tickets are available at a donation-based rate for in-person viewing only. For further information regarding accessibility, visit

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