Healing Collective and Historical Trauma- A Dance-Movement Theatre Devised Piece

TBA , boston

Call for Dancers, Movers, Actors, Singers, Musicians, Painters, Storytellers- Performers and Non-Performers!

Healing Collective and Historical Trauma: Devising an original performance through embodied movement and creative arts, in a trauma-informed container. Exploring our lineages to better understand how our inherited histories leave imprints and pattern expressions in our bodies, brains and lives. We untangle these inherited ways of being in order to honor and celebrate resilience, break patterns, tell new stories that integrate the past and change our epigenome for the present and future generations.

Rehearsals once a week in-person on Sundays 12:30-3:00 starting Feb 26th. Sharing with public April 29th and 30th. There will be a stipend for participants.

If interested, please contact Allison Talis at allisontalis@gmail.com for conversation and more information. To learn more about Allison visit allisontalis.com