Juxtaposed flows poster with two photos of artists and A Trike called Funk's logo in separate circles

Juxtaposed Flows: West African -x- Krump Edition

Presented by The Dance Complex
The Dance Complex 536 Massachusetts Ave. , Cambridge

Hosted in partnership with The Dance Complex, A Trike Called Funk’s “Juxtaposed Flows” is a mini-series of events designed to bring together members of the local street / club dance scene with those from the internationally rooted heritage dance scene to learn from & exchange with one another in a fun & interactive format. Each event will feature a different combination of instructors specializing in local and international dance forms as well as DJs specializing in the corresponding music genres.

The April edition will feature guest artists Russell “Gutta” Ferguson and Joh Camara. Learn more at dancecomplex.org/events

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