New Year’s Eve international dance party

Presented by Folk Arts Center of New England
Payson Park Church 365 Belmont Street , Belmont
Admission $25 FAC members $20 Students $10 Children under age 8 free Family maximum $65

Folk Arts Center’s New Year’s Eve international dance party with music by The Pinewoods Band

Refreshments are included: a party buffet, punch, and a midnight toast

Raise a glass with FAC to welcome the New Year! The evening’s program features international folk dance favorites, both classic and current, to fabulous live music by The Pinewoods Band:

  • Tom Pixton (accordion, vocals)
  • Julia Poirier (guitar, vocals)
  • Patrick Yacono (clarinet, kaval, gajda)
  • Ralph Iverson (fiddle, gadulka, tambura)
  • Barbara Pixton (bass)
  • Brian Wilson (fiddle, clarinet)
  • David Skidmore (percussion, clarinet, whistle).

You are encouraged to wear festive attire!

Beginning dancers may find that many dances can be followed by watching the leaders. It is not necessary to attend with a partner. For more information, see What is folk dancing.

Please help protect the hall’s wooden floor by changing from street shoes to clean, soft-soled shoes before dancing. For the comfort and well-being of all our dancers, especially those with allergies or asthma, please do not wear perfume or fragranced personal products at our dances. Thank you!

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