Rachel Linsky / ZACHOR

Presented by W Gallery
W Gallery Wayland 57 Andrew Avenue , Wayland


This contemporary dance work seeks to revive and honor the music of Erwin Schulhoff, a Jewish composer and Holocaust victim. A radical artist of his time, Schulhoff was one of the first European musicians to incorporate jazz into traditional music forms. The Nazis deemed jazz and all forms of modern art a threat to their ideology and sought to completely erase from history the work of Schulhoff and many other artistic trailblazers. This performance celebrates the survival and legacy of Schulhoff’s music while investigating the Nazis’ ban on art forms that embraced freedom of expression and created pathways to share new ideas, perspectives, and voices.

“Schulhoff” is the newest work Rachel Linsky’s ongoing project series, ZACHOR, which seeks to preserve the memories of WWII Holocaust survivors and victims through dance. Visit Rachellinsky.com/zachor to learn more and see past works created in this series.

*All proceeds from this event will go to UNICEF Ukraine

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