Return of THANG

arts at the armory 191 Highland Ave 02143 , Somerville MA

please join us for

THANG 2021 Return of Thang

what intentional acts of music, dance and word
when Friday, June 18, from 10 am till 4 pm
where Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave Somerville, MA 02143
how much Free!
how now brown cow? social distancing for and by all performers and audience members–REALLY big room.
former thangband disorganizer joe brown [aka 2kjb] will be limiting himself to a single solo electronic performance, debuting his new piece “I Coerce Chaos”
and introducing reynaliz herrara in her thangmiere with “ideas not theories”
starring liza kitchell in 1chicken scratch with marisa kelath and ruchika madan and 2 in fix it with green oak with mark chenevert and 3 in moveable art group with
THE TABLE and (paul kafka-gibbons} who also appears as “Biscuit” with james “Left Turn” banta in Neck

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