Presented by BoSoma Dance Company
Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School 36 Lincoln Street , Manchester-by-the-sea

BoSoma Dance Company is excited to bring their unique brand of dance to Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA this summer! Come experience the intensity and passion of the BoSoma dancers as they bring to the stage an inspiring display of technical dance and dynamic movement. The performance will include classic BoSoma pieces from recent years being performed for the first time in the North Shore.
BoSoma will be performing a number of their repertory pieces in addition to the debut work. Audiences will be faced with questions of connectedness and modern human interaction in an excerpt of Plug In, a piece debuted in 2015 that is influenced by the movie Her and the technology of Steve Jobs. In Butterfly Effect, the dancers will adapt to small, unexpected changes in their movement while achieving a constant flow as a collective group. In addition, BoSoma favorites such as Quanta and Marionette will be brought to life this summer on the North Shore.

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