Samāgata – A coming together


(Sanskrit: To come together)

Solo Dances from the Indian Tradition

In the Indian tradition, music, poetry, dance, painting, sculpture, literature, legend and myth are all inseparably linked in a vast tapestry of art and aesthetics. For a dancer, immersion in her practice involves an awareness of these subtle yet vital connections, to reveal ‘rasa’ – the ultimate aesthetic essence of the work. Her audience is then, not merely a spectator, but a co-creator of this shared experience beyond the self, beyond the here and now.

Samāgata is a coming together – of the dance and dancer, of the artist and the audience, of three different dance forms from the Indian tradition and of three solo dancers otherwise working in isolation.

Dancers: Soumya Rajaram (Bharatanatyam), Sapna Govindan (Mohiniyattam), Priya Bangal (Odissi)

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