Carmen Rizzo

Carmen Rizzo is Boston Dance Alliance’s Operations and Management Associate. Carmen, a native of Brazil, went from organizing dance productions and talent shows to statewide model UN conferences in high school to activism in student government and founding the Council of Diversity and Equity (CoDE) at Manhattanville College, where she completed a dual major in dance and business management summa cum laude. Carmen has interned with Bodystories Teresa Fellion Dance and the Dance on Camera Festival, and will supplement her BDA responsibilities with her skillset that has been further developed in her time as the Outreach Program Administrator for Eryc Taylor Dance in New York. Carmen currently teaches Pure Barre, jazz, ballet and contemporary dance classes in studios across the Boston area and dances with Kairos Dance Theater, Holly Stone and Grant Jacoby, and is fluent in four languages. Besides working on expanding her dance career to bring more light to her choreography, Carmen has a wide range of hobbies from baking, to photographing and anything crafty. She is also a huge fan of discovering the world and has been to over 15 different countries. The next big goal is to go to Thailand.