Interdisciplinary Performing Arts Center

IPAC's temporary host location The Vietnamese American Initiative for Development 42 Charles Street, Dorchester, MA 02122
Erika Lambe
Who is this class for?
Kids and Families
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Suggested Attire
BALLET ● Leotard in ballet pink or black (tank, short sleeve or long sleeve) ● Pink footed tights ● ballet slippers ● Hair pins/ hair net for bun IF THE SHOE FITS - IPAC is a proud winner of the Boston Dance Alliance’s Dancewear Distribution Program which donates select dance wear to schools for low income families. IPAC has received an assortment of different sized ballet slippers through this program. Please inquire about ballet slippers if you are unable to purchase them at this time.


The Fundamentals of Classical Ballet are introduced using both traditional methods and fun and engaging physical activities. Classes are structured and designed to not only teach students the foundations of the Ballet vocabulary but also instill in them self-discipline and a respect for the art form. Other benefits of studying Ballet include developing body control and coordination, self-confidence, and the determination to set and reach for goals. Students should be prepared to work hard (and sometimes play!) both as an individual and as a team. Ms. Lambe’s classes focus on building proper technique while experiencing the joy of dance and movement!