Non-competitive Irish Dance

Tufts Park Tufts Park, Medford, Medford
$108 for 6 week session
Hannah DeRusha
Traditional Irish Dance
Who is this class for?
Kids and Families
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Suggested Attire
Comfortable clothes (t-shirts, shorts or leggings), light sneakers

Non-Competitive Irish Dance – Beginners Ages 5+

O’Riley Irish Dance, a one-of-a-kind non-competitive Irish dance program for kids and teens, now in it’s 12th year. The classes emphasize dancing as a joyful, social activity rather than a competitive one. Although each class addresses developing rhythm, timing, and technique, first and foremost the emphasis is on musicality: understanding the connection between music and dance, developing a listening ear, and trying to keep the music in the dancing.

Join us for summer programming – a fun, active hour on Thursday mornings geared towards new and beginning dancers!

Socially-distanced, this class is for young dancers who have had less than a year of Irish dance instruction. We’ll work on a beginner repertoire of Irish dance steps, with a focus on fun, community, and understanding the connection between Irish dance and music.