Dancer Health

Dancers from All Over the World Joined BDA’s Virtual Dancer Health Month 2020!


We are so proud that we were able to offer ten sessions with some of Boston’s most experienced dance medicine clinicians throughout the month of October 2020 — and by popular demand, into early November!

BDA Dancer Health Month attracted dancers from as far away as Australia and South Africa! It was another demonstration of Boston Dance Alliance’s unique ability to provide dancers with information and resources they need — especially during the pandemic —  and can’t find anywhere else.


An in-person wellness screen at the 2019 BDA Dancer Health Day


The Zoom sessions were recorded.  Register here for your all-access pass and watch the entire series. 

  • Getting Back to Class and Studio During Covid-19 with Heather Southwick, PT, Director of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet


  • Building Core Strength with Melissa Buffer, MSPT, CNPT, Buffer Trenouth Physical Therapy, Cambridge


  • Taking Care of Your Hamstrings & Feet with Melissa Buffer, MSPT, CNPT, Buffer Trenouth Physical Therapy, Cambridge


  • Foot Strength and Control for the Dance with Michaela Main, PT, DPT, Girl Fit Physical Therapy, Inc., Newton


  • Centering Through Change: Dancer Specific Strategies for Emotional Coping During COVID-19 with Miriam Rowan, Psy.D., McLean Hospital and Kate Wilson, LICSW. This session will identify specific environment of COVID-19 and types of transitions, changes, and uncertainties; understand how this has led to increases in stress, emotional vulnerability, and crises; learn about common emotional and behavioral struggles for dancers in this time; develop strategies for managing these struggles; engage in practice exercises; and share resources.


  • GYROKINESIS® class with Martha Mason, Level 2 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer, Upward Spiral Studio, Cambridge. This constantly moving, one-hour class invigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, relaxation and power.  The work, often referred to as yoga in motion, is ideal cross-training for athletes and dancers, seeking health, stamina, strength and flexibility. A stool or chair (preferably no arms) and a mat are needed.   **This session was not recorded, but special access to a virtual class with Martha Mason will be provided to registrants.**


  • Energy Optimization for Dancers with Bridget J. Quinn, MD, Boston Ballet Company Physician, Attending Physician, Division of Sports Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital and Emilie Burgess, MS, RDN, CSSD, LDN sports/dance medicine nutritionist


  • The Ellové Technique ® & the Importance of Conditioning for Injury Prevention in Dancers with Stephanie Heroux, PT, DPT, Active Motion Physical Therapy, Wakefield MA  This 55-minute conditioning class uses elements of ballet, fitness, Pilates, and yoga to improve strength, flexibility, and core stabilization for injury prevention for dancers.\


  • Preventing Dance Injuries, with  Ellen Geminiani, MD, Sports Medicine Division, Boston Children’s Hospital


  • Dancing in Heels with Courtney Livingston  PT, DPT, CSCS, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Wellesley, MA. All gender identities welcome!


Looking for a dance medicine clinician? Boston’s most experienced professionals are listed in the 2020 BDA Dancer Health Month Directory, which you can download here. 

Tell them Boston Dance Alliance sent you!

Boston Dance Alliance Dancer Health Month is conducted in partnership with  Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health and Spaulding Outpatient Centers.  It is also made possible in part by donations to The Joe Gifford Fund, which supports BDA’s dancer wellness initiatives in memory of a man who lived life to its fullest.


Special thanks to BDA Board member Dr. Lauren Elson and Kester Cotton PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT for their incredible help in helping to coordinate this special virtual effort.



all photos on this page, except head shots, by Kimberly Maroon