Advanced Contemporary With Heather Easley

The Foundry 101 Rogers St. , Cambridge
Pay what you can starting at $12
Heather Easely
Who is this class for?
This 90 minute class will challenge you to push your body to experience rigorous movement, while maintaining a low-stakes mindset. Class will begin with a full-body warmup, including some mobitily and strength-training work, continue through across the floor excercises focused on transitions and new skills, and conclude with a big-movement phrase. Each class will utilize anatomical discovery, angular momentum, and GOOD VIBES to push us deeper into discovery & community. It’ll be a lil jazzy, a lil floor work-y, a little 8-year old cometitive lyrical solo, but mostly just a lot of fun. More info below.
Mondays / 10:30-12pm / July & August
@ The Foundry
Pay what you want: Minimum $12 / Venmo or Cash
If you cannot afford class, but would still like to attend, please contact Heather privately