Cousins in Rhythm: Bodhrán and Step Dance

First Church Cambridge 11 Garden St , Cambridge
25 (or pay as you can)
Cara Wildman with Jake James
Irish dance
Who is this class for?

While bodhrán players and dancers both use rhythm to accompany Irish traditional music, we approach our accompaniment in different ways and have so much to learn from each other! This hands-on class will be split into two different sections:

In Part 1 we’ll discuss different approaches to accompanying the tune, both from a bodhrán player’s perspective (with Cara), and a dancer’s perspective (with Rebecca). We’ll also talk about how to make small adjustments to the patterns/rhythms we already know to better suit the melody and/or to use as variations.

In Part 2, we’ll have a “rhythm swap,” where we trade rhythms to see what could work from bodhrán to dance, and swap patterns from our Cousins in Rhythm that we might not have thought of otherwise. Melodies provided by the amazing Jake James. Don’t miss this exciting collaboration!

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