Dancers Toolkit: with Aline Newton

Green Street Studios Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street , Cambridge
$50 Single Day, $90 any two workshops, $120 Series Package
Aline Newton
Somatics, Rolfing, contemporary
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Underlying the myriad of techniques and forms of dance is a common thread:the body, a living being, moving in the field of gravity.

Get to know this being through these three workshops! It will help you in your dance or yoga practice, and in your daily life. Each workshop will focus on an aspect of embodiment— Core, shoulders and feet will be our starting points. The results will be more freedom to move, fewer injuries and easier expression.
March 26 – Exploring Core Experience
“Core” is more than abdominal muscles. It is an expression of how you relate to your surroundings. How does core activity work? How do we access it? Learn the perceptual processes that are the key.
April 2 – The Shoulder: An Expressive Joint
Of all the joints in the body, the shoulder may be the one most linked to our own emotional state. Free your shoulders and arms by finding better support inside and out. This workshop is an opportunity to explore this connection.

April 30 – Footing 

How the joints of your feet combine in different ways to allow the foot to be, one after the other, your landing pad, the base of your support, and the spring that pushes you off, all in about 1 sec. (and more than 5000 times a day). Learn how to get your footing working for you in walking, running and jumping.

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