Rainbows on the edges, description of data driven dance, with Logo of dancer in a 1 handed backbend.

Data Driven Dance

The Foundry Dance Studio 101 Rogers St , Cambridge
Tess Saoirse Liddy
Creative Movement/Ballet Basics
Who is this class for?
Young Kids and Youth

Data Driven Dance is an opportunity for parents and caregivers get genuine feedback on how their student (age 8-16) is progressing in their dance practice. Open to everyone but with special consideration for students with disabilities who require more targeted instruction, data driven dance will create task analyses and collect data on students’ performance across the 10-week period. Between positive behavior supports and task analyses, the goal of this program is to enhance students’ basic understanding of dance principles and basic form/technique and create a plan for next steps in their dance journey. At the end of the 10 weeks, parents/caregivers will be given a report on their students progress with data points from the beginning of the class to the end of the class.

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