The Alexander Technique offers ease & freedom of movement by addressing posture, coordination, breath and habits, to reduce tensions and chronic pain.

Ease & Freedom in Movement with the Alexander Technique

Multicultural Arts Center (MAC) 41 Second Street , Cambridge
Pre-Register for 8-Week Session for $160 ($20/Class) | Drop-In (1st Class Only): $25/Class
Clara Sandler
Alexander Technique | Health, Fitness, & Wellness
Who is this class for?
Young Kids and Youth, Adults
Suggested Attire
Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a soft-cover book of about 1 inch thick to put under your head for Active Rest.

The Alexander Technique is a mind-body method that helps us develop a deep awareness of how we use our body in any activity we do. It helps us notice our habits/tensions, and provides tools to get rid of unnecessary tensions that cause pain and eventually can become chronic pain.
The results are: more ease & freedom of movement, better breath coordination & posture, the release of habitual tensions. Students of the technique report feelings of lightness, being centered & open, more connected to themselves and others.
The class will be part lecture, part experiential exercises and practical applications.
If you have neck-shoulders-back-postural issues/pain; if you are looking for more ease of movement in your everyday activities; if you’d like to improve your posture; this class is for you!
Mask Policy: For everyone’s safety & health, masks are encouraged for all in-person participants and staff (regardless of vaccination status). The venue is equipped with medical grade air filtration.

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