Festival Style Irish Dance with Kate Spanos

Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center 624 Somerville Ave , Somerville
25 (or pay as you can)
Kate Spanos
Irish Dance
Who is this class for?

Work on your control, strength, musicality, and stage presence with this special workshop in festival style Irish dance with Kate Spanos! The session will focus on the techniques that are typical of this style’s “slow” slip jig and set dances and you will learn some choreographies that put these techniques into practice.

Festival style Irish dance is from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland and was innovated by Patricia Mulholland (or “Miss Mulholland”) in the 1930s to 1950s to draw the focus of Irish dance towards individual expression, with a focus on performance and musicality. Festival slip jigs and set dances are much slower than their feis style counterparts, and dancers pay particular attention to expressing “light and shade” in the music. Grace, elegance, and control are key features of festival style.

More about Kate: www.thekatespanos.com
For intermediate/advanced dancers

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