Protecting Media Collections for Dancers

The Boston Foundation, South Boston Conference Room 75 Arlington Street , Boston
Sean Ferguson
Who is this class for?

Dancers often maintain robust media collections of photos, videos, music, and documents that help them tell their story, work with venues, and reach their audience, but the safety of those items whether they are physical or digital is never guaranteed.  Viruses, floods, theft, loss, and the deterioration of media over time all put our collections at risk.  If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your media collection safe for the next performance or for the next generation, then this workshop will provide you with strategies to help keep your collection secure.  It will also offer guidance on when digitization will help to protect your physical media.  Attendees will learn the basics of preserving their collections and walk through ways to mitigate risks to their media whether it be from loss, degradation, or a natural disaster.  The presenter will encourage discussion throughout the workshop and leave time for Q&A to ensure everyone leaves feeling more prepared to protect their collection no matter their situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring? You don’t need to bring anything, but you may find a notepad, laptop, or tablet helpful for note taking.

What if I come late or have to leave early? That’s okay! we all have busy schedules. Come for as long as you can.

How many of my staff can attend? Registration for each organization is limited to 10, and the total registration for the event is limited to 58.  If you try to register and find that the event is sold out, just let me know, I’m more than happy to schedule a free workshop with you at a time and place that fits your schedule!

What if I have additional questions? Just send me an email or give me a call.

Who will see my registration information? Only Performing Arts Readiness and the Boston Dance Alliance will see your registration information.

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